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IndianaMap is a network of partnerships and collaborations between federal, state, local organizations and agencies and universities. IndianaMap is not owned by any one organization. Data, management, maintenance, and costs are spread across many partners to leverage the expertise and efforts of many to forge the IndianaMap alliance.


Management of IndianaMap is shared between many agencies who host, develop, and maintain the map. Additional roles include working to find new partners and collaborators, providing public outreach, and educating the community about IndianaMap GIS resources. Managing partners include:


The IndianaMap is made possible by funding from the following contributors, bringing Indiana's citizens the benefit of providing "a lot of GIS for little cost:


Data sharing between agencies is one of the fundamental roles of the IndianaMap alliance. IndianaMap offers more than 250 GIS layers. The following contributors provide their data to IndianaMap to provide public access to the most current, highest-resolution, and best-quality GIS data for Indiana: