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New Layers Added to the Map

Posted on 2011-12-21 00:00:00
by New Layers Added to the Map

Four new layers were added to the "Environment" folder on IndianaMap R3. The data are supplied by the USGS and can be previewed using the following links --  "Land Cover 2006," "Land Cover Change 2001 2006," "Land Cover Impervious Surfaces 2006," and "Land Cover Impervious Surfaces Change 2001 2006."  These "Preview" maps are a new feature of IndianaMap R3, and are available for each of our GIS layers. They provide users quick access to metadata short descriptions, full FGDC metadata, as well as download links. Further, users can view the layer in combination with any of our available basemap layers, and can click on a feature in the map to identify atttribute values.


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