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IndianaMap Release 3 - Now Live

Posted on 2011-12-21 00:00:00
by IndianaMap Release 3 - Now Live

The Indiana Geological Survey is excited to announce that IndianaMap Release 3 (R3) is now available. IndianaMap R3 is an HTML5 application and requires up-to-date contemporary web browser such as Internet Explorer 9, Mozilla Firefox 5, Chrome 12, or Safari 5. For those users who still rely on access to the older version of IndianaMAP (Release 2) and the tools that it offers, we will continue to maintain the old site with new layer additions and layer updates for the foreseeable future.

IndianaMAP R3 uses the latest online mapping technology, which provides modern features and fast delivery of map data to contemporary Web browsers to create and view customized maps. The site continues to include more than 260 GIS layers available for viewing and interacting in an easy-to-use map layout. These layers include metadata and are available for free download.

IndianaMAP can also be thought of as a portfolio of projects that involve the collaborative efforts of federal, state, and local partners. The purpose of these efforts is to acquire, improve, and deliver a wide variety of geographic information systems (GIS) data for Indiana. This information has many uses, including transportation planning, economic development, environmental assessment, and emergency response. The GIS data is easily accessible from the website via interactive maps for the general public, Web Map Services for GIS professionals using desktop GIS software, and downloadable data.


May 06 2012 22:38
   Why does the new Indiana map blank out most of Lake County? Rex Burton rburton923@sbcglobal.net

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