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IndianaMap Layer Gallery - download full pdf


IndianaMap Layer Gallery is a web application to explore and visualize each GIS layer.

With the Layer Gallery, you can:

  • Preview GIS layers and attributes
  • Download a layer and its metadata as a zipped shapefile
  • View and read the metadata for each layer
  • Add layers to your customized map
  • Access the layer Map Web Services

Browser requirements

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer, version 9.0 or above
  • Mozilla Firefox, version 10.0 or above
  • Google Chrome, version 12.0 or above
  • Safari, version 5.0 or above

User Guide

Layer Gallery operation

Viewer (toolbar)

  • Viewer – Click on the Viewer button to open the IndianaMap Viewer.

Search (toolbar)

  • Search operation – To search for layers of interest, enter a keyword and select an entry from the dropdown list to display those layers.
  • Search for layers – Each IndianaMap layer includes a list of relevant searchable keywords. For example, entering the keyword “road” returns a long list of railroads and streets. When clicking on a layer from the dropdown list the web page will display the chosen layers.

Selected Layers (toolbar)

  • Selected Layers operation – Displays a list of layers added to the IndianaMap Viewer from the Layer Gallery
  • Clear Selections – Removes all of the selected layers from the IndianaMap Viewer

Layer Categories

  • Layers are organized into eight categories. The categories include Demographics, Environment, Geology, Government, Hydrology, Imagery, Infrastructure, and Reference. Each category is organized into sub-layer categories making it easier to find your layer of interest.
  • Click on the Category icon to view its layers
  • Click on the sub-layer category name to select these layers

Layer Icon

  • The icon displays a graphic example of the GIS data for that layer. The caption below the layer icon provides a brief description of the data.
  • Hover the cursor over the layer icon to show a more complete description of the data.
  • Click on the layer icon to open a new web tab displaying the single layer in an IndianaMap Layer Preview (see Preview Map below for more information)

Preview Map

  • Preview Map viewer – Uses the same keyboard and mouse controls as the IndianaMap Viewer including, zoom, pan, and identify.
  • Selecting the Switch Basemap button displays several basemaps to choose from. After selecting a basemap, click on the Switch Basemap button to close the dialog box.
  • Tabs for Metadata, Legend, Browse, and Layers – Explore these tabs as they are self-explanatory


  • Click this button to view the Federal Geographic Data Committee compliant metadata.

Download Zip File

  • Click to download a zip file containing a shapefile and metadata for the layer. The zip file is a self-extracting file.

Map Service

  • Click this button to view the REST map services for the layer
  • Click Generate KML. Save the file to your computer. The file will save as a KMZ, which is a zipped KML file. You will have to extract the KML file before using it with Google Earth.

Add Layer

  • This function adds the selected layer(s) to the IndianaMap Viewer and lists the layers you have added to the Selected Layers list on the toolbar of the Layer Gallery.
  • To view the map, click Viewer on the toolbar. When you select the Add Layer button it will change to a green box labeled "Layer Added"
  • Selecting Layer Added will remove the layer from the Selected Layers list on the toolbar and from the IndianaMap Viewer.