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IndianaMap REST services - download full pdf


IndianaMap REST Services offers sharing and integration of geography and map information from a simple HTTP protocol to deliver a dynamic, interactive, intelligent map. Each IndianaMap layer is available as a REST service at: http://maps.indiana.edu/arcgis/rest/services .

With IndianaMap REST Services you can:

  • Mash up IndianaMap services with REST Service from other sources
  • Use IndianaMap REST services with many desktop GIS applications
  • Deliver map information to web browsers, tablets, phones, and desktop computers
  • Develop applications using a variety of programming interfaces to use IndianaMap REST services

User Guide

IndianaMap REST Service operation:

  • There are more than 260 IndianaMap REST Services available to the public
  • Each REST Service includes:
    • A legend, list of layers and tables, authors, title, description, subject, credits, keywords, copyright, geographic extent, etc.
  • The spatial reference is UTM, Zone 16, for Indiana (26916)
  • The REST Services are Single Fused Map Caches using 12 levels of detail at the scales of 2,500,000; 1,000,000; 500,000; 250,000; 125,000; 64,000; 32,000; 16,000; 8,000; 4,000; 2,000; and 1,000
  • Supported Interfaces includes REST, SOAP, and WMS
  • Supported Operations includes Export Map, Identify, Find, and Generate KML